Officer Development Program (ODP) Syariah

Officer Development Program Sharia is  a  recruitment  position  at  the  officer  level  within  the  development  program  for  the  future  leaders  Bank  BTN  and  educates  to  be  professional  bankers  on  hard  and  soft  competencies  in  Bank BTN Sharia Bussiness Unit.

Indonesian Citizens
Male and Female
Not married and willing to undergo unmarried bonds for 1 year
Maximum Age 26 (not yet 27th per 31 Desember 2022)
S1/S2 education and reputable PTN/PTS with a GPA of at least 3.00 on a 4.00 scale
Preferably majoring in Sharia Banking/Sharia Economy, Economy, Accounting, Management, Law, Statistics, Science, Engineering
Minimum height 160 cm for male and 155 cm for female
Proportionate weight and attractive appearance
Willing to undergo a bond of service for 5 years
Have no family relationship with Bank BTN employees (father/mother/sister/brother)
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